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January 07, 2020

Disc Brake Fitting Instructions:


5 mm Allen Key

2.5 mm Allen Key

4 mm Allen Key

Phillips Head Screw Driver

Disc Brake Kit Components

Disc Rotor

Disc Brake Bracket and Caliper

Brake Lever



Fit backing plate to Disc Brake Rotor (if required)

Remove the wheel from the bike

Screw the Disc Brake Rotor to the wheel

Fit the Disc Brake bracket and Caliper to the bike frame

Refit the wheel to the bike

spin the wheel and adjust by caliper housing by loosening the bolts between the caliper housing and the bracket and gradually tighten them one at a time so that the disc sits equally within the brake caliper.

If the disc is still touching you may need to slip a small shifting spanner over the disc and gently move the disc in or out so that the disc is centred through the complete circumfernce of the the disc.

Fit the Brake Lever to the handle Bar.

Thread the cable into the Brake Lever and the caliper.

Adjust the length of the cable through the lever on the caliper until you are happy with when the brake starts to work.  You can make minor adjustments on the Brake Lwever and the caliper by winding in or out the threaded screws on the Brake Lever and the Caliper.