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February 16, 2021

Top 5 Benefits of Wildcat Rocker Mini BMX bikes for Kids 


If your child is showing an interest in sports and outdoor adventure, mini BMX bikes can be a great way to get them active and having fun. It’s much safer than other active hobbies, like motocross and contact sport, but still requires a level of skill that your child will appreciate. 


An investment in mini BMX bike will bring your child years of enjoyment, while reinforcing invaluable life skills, like patience, determination and perseveranceHere’s a look into how mini BMX bikes can benefit kids of all ages. 


Children Can Continuously Build Their Skills and Learn New Things 


Mini BMX bikes offer a skill level far beyond that of an average bike and give children a hobby that promotes growth and development. Children thrive on challenge and mini BMX bikes let them set their own challenges. These bikes also promote an element of competition that drives children to work hard at their new hobby to impress their friends.  


With today’s numerous ways to learn new skills, your child will have the opportunity to learn in a style that suits them. YouTube offers visual tutorials by professionals, and online blog posts and articles, like our post on stunts and riding tips, provide step-by-step guides for the latest tricks. If your child wants some face-to-face lessons, they can also join a mini BMX program at a local BMX club. These programs are purpose built for young kids just starting out and are a great way to introduce them to the sport. 


Wildcat Rocker Mini BMX Bikes Offer an Affordable Hobby 


A mini BMX hobby is usually much more affordable than other extracurricular activities. Club fees are minimal and provide a supportive environment to foster your child’s growth in the sport. The initial outlay for the bike and safety equipment is reasonable when compared to other sports, like motocross. However, Wildcat Mini BMXs are fully customisable, so you can spend as little or as much as you like. 


Both children and adults can ride mini BMX bikes, so you can be confident that one bike will continue to fit your child as they grow. Plus, mini BMX bikes are robust and built to last, which reduces the need to replace parts or buy your child new bike. 


Your Local Area Will Provide Plenty of Riding Opportunity 


One of the best aspects of mini BMX bikes is that they are suited to all sorts of environments. Children can practice and enjoy riding in their street and neighbourhood, at the local skate park or anywhere they can find paths and tracks or a few obstacles. The flexible nature of these bikes gives kids unlimited possibilities and each new environment offers another way to hone their developing skills.  


Your child might also be interested in joining fellow mini BMX fans at the local BMX track. An online search for local BMX racing clubs should help you find a suitable track nearby where your child can practice with peers. This is a great way for your child to socialise and become part of the mini BMX community. 


The Sport Encourages Kids to Keep Practising 


Once your child gets a taste of the world of mini BMX, it’s likely they’ll want to become the best they can be at their new hobby. We often see kids spending every spare minute on their bikes and developing a real dedication to the sport. They will learn the value of practice and perseverance by continuing to see their skills improve as they spend time trying out new tricks.  


Mini BMX Bikes Create Fantastic Family Moments 


Your child’s newfound hobby will fit right in with family outings and activities. The sport is extremely versatile, as kids can take it to a competitive level and be part of a team or simply enjoy building their skills at home and with friends. The added beauty of mini BMX bikes is that they are robust enough for adults, so parents or relatives can join in on the fun. Adults and kids can bounce ideas off each other and learn from one another, which can be a great bonding experience for both.   


Family members can also support kids by attending races and practice sessions. The competitive aspect of mini BMX can strengthen family bonds, as families rally behind their pro rider at events. 


Starting Out in Mini BMX 


If your child is interested in starting out in mini BMX, the first step is getting them a bike. If you want to be sure that it’s something they really want to try, get them to try a friend’s bike first. Better yet, bring them in to test ride one of our Wildcat Rocker mini BMX bikes. We love seeing kids get their first taste of the sport and we’re here to provide advice and answer any questions you have. If you’re not local, you can see our range of bikes here

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