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July 16, 2021

Congratulations on receiving your new wildcat mini bmx. These instructions should help you assemble your bike ready for use. 

Tools Required for assembly:

  • 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Allen key tool
  • 15mm Spanner
  • Large Shifting spanner

    • Once all parts are out of the original packaging stand the bike up.
    • Putting the handlebars on: Using a 6mm Allen key remove the 4x bolts on the headset and place the handlebars on the groove. Place the securing plate over the handle bars and re-insert the 4x6mm bolts and position the bars where most comfortable for the rider.


    • Adjusting the seat: Face the seat towards the front of the bike and using a 4mm allen key tighten the screw located under the seat. Position where most comfortable for the rider.

    • Installing the front wheel: 

    1. Remove Axle from packaging

    2. Insert axle into the centre of the wheel

    3. Firmly screw the Large Alloy securing nut in place. A large shifter is Required.

    4. Using a 1.5mm Allen key tool. Firmly tighten the small Allen key nut to push down on the thread of the large securing nut to ensure no movement during bike operation.

    5. Inflate tyre to recommended pressure:

    Under 10 years old 25 - 30psi

    Over 10 years old 4045 psi


    6. Install Front Wheel onto bike

    • Adjusting/installing the disc brake: The Brake lever should be on the handlebars already.  Loosen the tension off the cable by loosening the 5mm allen key at the end of the brake system where the wire is coming out. This will allow you to put the Knob on the ens of the cable into the brake lever on the handle bars. Run the cable along the slit in the lever to the end then twist the threaded end bits to mis align the slit so the cable stays in place.

    • Once the cable is fitted into the brake lever its now time to adjust the brake calliper over the disc. Using a 5mm allen key tool align and tighten the 2x 5mm allen key bolts on the calliper this will secure the calliper over the disc.

    • Now to apply tension to the cable. Pull the cable tight that you loosened at the beginning and move the arm along the cable and tighten using a 5mm allen key this will create tension on the brakes. If you apply to much tension just slightly loosen and free up some slack on the cable to allow the disc to spin freely through the calliper.

    • Applying the pedals: Your pedals will have an L and R on them to indicated Left and Right. If you are standing at the rear of the bike and the bike is facing forward the Right Crank arm is for you Right Pedal.        To install the pedal push the pedal onto the crank arm thread and turn clockwise once the pedal is on all the way tighten using a 15mm spanner. For The left Pedal Push the pedal into the thread and turn anti-clockwise 

    Right Pedal Turn clockwise. 

    Left Pedal turn anti-clockwise.


    Once all of these steps have been completed go over the bike and ensure every nut/bolt is tightly secured before operation. Always wear a helmet when operating your bike. 

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