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February 16, 2021

Fun Facts about the evolution of the Mini BMX – Written for Kids. 


Wildcat Mini BMX bikes first arrived in Australia in 2014, these first models were made from hi tensile steel with 12 tooth drivers and 30 tooth front chain wheels. 


2015 introduction of 3 piece cranks  


Introduction of Caliper Brakes 


2016 were 9 tooth drivers with 30 tooth drivers which allowed more acceleration and easier riding for younger riders. 


2016 an option of 28 and 25 tooth front chain wheels.   


2017 Introduction of Disc Brakes, this has proved extremely popular amongst the younger kids.  The older kids don’t use them because they aren’t cool and you can’t spin the handle bars around when doing air stunts. 


2017 Next integrated head sets on the Ultimate Model 


2018 introduction of the use of 4130 Cro-Moly steel which is stronger and lighter than hi tensile steel.   


Cro- Moly has been used in more and more parts over the years including 

Wheel Rims 

Wheel nuts  

Crank bolts  

Handle Bars 

Seat Posts 

Stunt Pegs 

 2018 saw the introduction of Aluminium Handle Bars for even lighter weight. 

The tyres starred out as square edge 3.0-4 4ply trolley tyres and are now a 6ply tyres which are available in a variety of colours. 


Mini bmx bikes are used for racing, however not all Mini BMX bikes have a brake like the Wilddcat Mini BMX so they cannot be used for racing on BMX Tracks.  


Most mini BMX Bikes are used in Freestyle riding similar to fullsize Mini BMX Bikes. 

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