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Bike Dimensions

April 09, 2020

Bike Dimensions: 

Height at Top of Bars 710mm 

Height of Bars only 290mm 

Width of Bars 740mm 

Height of tyres 290mm 

Height of Seat 400 to 500mm 

Length 770mm 

Top Bar Fork tube to Seat Tube 310mm 

 Handle Bar measurements: 

Standard: 740 x 290 



The weight of all current models:  (not including brake) 

Original2 A range: 9.6kgs ( steel rim)  

Original2 C range: 8.9kgs ( Turbo rim)  

Original2 C range Aluminum version: 7.8kgs  

16"BMX ( with rear brake, full chromly version) : 8.8kgs 

20"BMX ( with rear brake , full chromly version): 11.2kgs  

Seperate disc brake: 0.5kgs